Makarechian Quoted by San Francisco Chronicle on IPO Market

May 31, 2016

The May 31, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle article, “Shareholders Increasingly Look To Cash Out in Secondary Market,” quotes O’Melveny partner David Makarechian on Silicon Valley employees' reaction to the increased length of time it takes for startups to exit the private market through an IPO. “Liquidity for key employees is top of mind for boards of directors of private companies,” Makarechian said in the article. In the extensive interview Makarechian describes how it’s important for companies, especially tech companies in the Silicon Valley who are competing for talent, to provide enough liquidity to keep employees happy, but not too much to lose them.

Makarechian — O’Melveny’s Regional Head of Transactions for Northern California — is a boardroom-level corporate lawyer who has more than twenty years of experience working with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors to support the growth of innovative technology companies.