Maltby, Damon-Feng Co-Author Panama Papers Article for Law360

December 16, 2016

O’Melveny partner Jeremy Maltby and associate Grant Damon-Feng co-authored the article “The Panama Papers: The Story So Far, and What Comes Next” published in the December 16, 2016 issue of Law360.

The article discusses the April 3, 2016 release of 11.5 million leaked documents detailing decades of information about over 200,000 bank accounts and shell companies created or administrated by the Panama-based law firm and corporate services provider Mossack Fonseca & Co.

“Businesses operating in the United States, especially in the financial services industry, can learn several things from the leak,” the authors wrote, offering several best practices for companies to minimize their risk of exposure to unlawful shell company activity.

Washington, DC-based Maltby acts as a counselor and litigator, assisting clients with complex issues in the areas of constitutional, regulatory, criminal, and international law. Damon-Feng is based in the LA office and is a member of the White Collar Defense & Corporate Investigations Practice.