Multiple Outlets Report on Steve Bunnell’s Return to O’Melveny

February 08, 2017

Law360, National Law Journal, Bloomberg Big Law Business, and The Deal all reported that Steve Bunnell, former general counsel for the US Department of Homeland Security, rejoined O'Melveny as part of its white collar and data security and privacy groups. Bunnell was motivated to return to O’Melveny after four years in the public sector when he re-interviewed with the firm. 

“I came away extremely impressed with the up and comers and the futures of O'Melveny, and that cemented it for me,” Bunnell said. “Not just the people that I knew from before but all the others who have come along in last four years. Enthusiasm seemed high and I think the firm is positioned well to do things that I want to do in white collar and cybersecurity.”

Bunnell will be based in Washington, DC, and his practice will span cybersecurity, aviation security, international data privacy, criminal antitrust, healthcare fraud, money laundering and financial institutions fraud, securities fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, government corruption, company monitoring, and False Claims Act matters.