The National Law Journal: How AbbVie and Humira Avoided ‘Pay for Delay’ Finding

June 08, 2020

O’Melveny successfully represented Samsung Bioepis in a “pay to delay” class action stemming from an antitrust suit over AbbVie Inc.’s Humira, this article reported. The 100-plus “patent thicket” that AbbVie Inc. planted around its biologic drug Humira—and the company’s deals with competitors to enter the market—do not violate federal antitrust laws, according to a ruling by US District Judge Manish Shah of the Northern District of Illinois, The National Law Journal reported. The decision appears to fortify AbbVie’s hold on the US market for Humira.

The O’Melveny team that represented Samsung Bioepis included partners Ian Simmons and Benjamin Bradshaw, counsel Stephen McIntyre, and associates Kurt Brown, Brian Quinn, and Patrick Jones.

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