The National Law Journal: Here’s the ‘Extraordinary’ Story of Treasury Nominee Bimal Patel, Ex-O’Melveny Partner

February 14, 2019

Former O’Melveny partner Bimal Patel has been nominated for a top supervisory role at the US Treasury Department. Since May 2017, Patel has served on the Financial Stability Oversight Council, a panel created under Dodd-Frank.

At his confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee, Patel told senators he was born three months premature, weighing just two pounds and two ounces. He then developed pneumonia at two weeks old. “Doctors told my parents that I would never grow past four feet tall, that I would be incapacitated, and that I would die,” said Patel. “I am so fortunate that the doctors saved my life and that my parents, particularly my mom, always believed in me.”