New York Law Journal: New York Trailblazers - Jonathan Rosenberg

September 24, 2020

O’Melveny partner Jonathan Rosenberg has been named to the New York Law Journal’s list of 2020 “New York Trailblazers.”

Rosenberg told the publication “the feeling of helping people get out of difficult situations” is an aspect of his work he has always enjoyed. When blockchain-based cloud storage service Xunlei Limited faced such a situation—a complex transnational securities-fraud case—Rosenberg hired an expert who determined the company had not actually violated Chinese law, and the case was dismissed. “Sometimes, even if you’re an experienced securities litigator, you have to think outside the box and not just look at the conventional way of briefing a motion to dismiss,” Rosenberg said of his unique approach.

New York Law Journal noted that Rosenberg has practiced through watershed events like Black Monday, 9/11, and the financial crisis, and he believes the legal profession will turn the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities for improved client service and efficiency.