National Public Radio: As Bahamas Turn to Recovery, US Worries About China Stepping in to Help

9월 06, 2019

The US has promised the Bahamas aid in recovering from Hurricane Dorian’s destruction, and fears that China will step in to help as well.

Counsel John Dermody, who previously served at the National Security Council as a deputy legal adviser, observed that along with helping the people of the Bahamas, the US wants to minimize China’s presence in the region.

“The administration will see this as part of a broader concern about China investing in countries as a threat to make potentially those countries beholden to China or indebted to China and to diminish the United States's influence in the Western Hemisphere,” Dermody said. “And I would say that the concern is particularly acute where the investment is going to be in information technology. And in light of the catastrophic damage of the Bahamas, I think that is going to be an issue.”

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