O’Melveny Former Partner and National Security Advisor to the President Tom Donilon Authors OpEd in The Wall Street Journal

October 07, 2011 O’Melveny & Myers former partner and National Security Adviser to the President Tom Donilon authored the OpEd article “The National-Security Case for Free Trade,” in the October 6, 2011, edition of The Wall Street Journal on the importance of the three free trade agreements President Obama recently submitted to Congress. Donilon writes, “Passage of these agreements is a matter not just of economic and commercial opportunity, but also of national security.” The three agreements hold the promise to “signal our commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with our ally South Korea and our partners Colombia and Panama, to revitalizing our export sector, and to enhancing our economic strength in key markets.” The last point is critical, in such, that as the global trading dynamics are rapidly changing, the US needs to keep pace or the country’s producers and economy will lose out.

Donilon concludes with stressing how “enhancing America's global leadership lies at the heart of President Obama's national security strategy. This means building stronger ties with our allies and key partners, a vibrant economy here at home with more jobs for American workers, and more opportunities to tap key markets. Passage of these agreements is critical to achieving these goals.”