O’Melveny Lawyers Pen Article on Secondary Transactions for Investment Lawyer

June 26, 2015 O'Melveny partner Timothy Clark, counsel Tracie Ingrasin, and associate Jesse Malone co-authored the article, “The Rising Tide: Navigating the Seas of Secondary Transactions,” published in the July 2015 edition of The Investment Lawyer. The piece details how more investors have begun to participate in the secondaries market, which provides flexibility and liquidity to certain investors while providing investment opportunities to others. “Once solely associated with the sale by troubled vendors at steep discounts, secondary investments in private equity funds are now considered a conventional way to make private equity investments, particularly for investors new to the asset class, for whom they provide the opportunity to get a time diversified portfolio and instant exposure to a range of underlying general partners,” the authors explain in the article.

Clark is a partner in O’Melveny’s New York office and head of the Firm’s US Investment Funds Practice. Ingrasin is a counsel and Malone is an associate in O’Melveny’s New York office and are members of the Investment Funds practice.