O’Melveny’s Dellinger Quoted in Several Media Outlets on Hypothetical Mandates in Challenges to Health Care Law

March 16, 2012

O’Melveny & Myers Appellate partner Walter Dellinger was quoted in several major news dailies on President Obama’s health care law and its ability to withstand legal challenge. The March 16, 2012, USA Today article “Health care challengers offer hypothetical mandates,” pointed to a 2008 Health Affairs study, which determined the government spent US$43 billion that year to cover payment for health care bills of the uninsured. In a brief on behalf of House and Senate Democratic leaders, Dellinger said the analogy would “only if people obtained $43 billion worth of cars without paying for them, imposing the cost on law-abiding car buyers.” He argued, “Consideration of the grave question of whether this court must invalidate a landmark act of Congress is not advanced by entertaining a parade of hypotheticals.”  In addition to USA Today, comments from Dellinger, who resides in O’Melveny’s Washington, DC office, were featured in over twenty media outlets including the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, The Hill, Yahoo! News, and The National Law Journal.