O’Melveny’s Erramouspe Quoted in Variety on Film Financing

十二月 05, 2012

Variety’s December 5, 2012, article, “Coin for the Savvy,” discusses current opportunities for film financing. O’Melveny & Myers LLP partner Matthew Erramouspe was quoted about new avenues of revenue for films. "I think the holes that were left by the Wall Street money exiting the space have been filled to some extent by strategic financiers," said Erramouspe in the article. These include "distributors around the world looking for product to fill their pipeline or vendors who contribute some of their services in-kind.”


The article also discussed the possibilities for films in China, both as a consumer market and for potential investors. But it doesn’t come without risks, including films being censored after they are made. "They will tell you that as long as the finished product mirrors or tracks the script that was pre-approved at the beginning, then there won't be a problem," Erramouspe said in the article. "But if the picture deviates even a little, theoretically, it could ultimately not be approved" as either a co-production or an import, "with the result being that you don't get distribution in China, and that can be a disincentive to financiers."