O’Melveny’s Ford Quoted in AVCJ on Private Equity Markets

May 23, 2012

The May 23, 2012, edition of the Asian Venture Capital Journal, features commentary from O’Melveny & Myers’ partner James Ford on the differences between the US and Chinese private equity markets in the article, “Bridging the Gap.” Ford talks in the article about the challenges that arise when the Chinese renminbi and US dollar funds have different terms, specifically if the US dollar fund takes a longer time commitment than a RMB fund, which could be easier to execute.

“We’ve seen a lot of time spent on complex conflict mechanics, but they tend to create as many problems as they solve. Ultimately we see LPs focusing on overall alignment as the key, and often the asymmetry of capital [USD funds are frequently much bigger] tends to provide a lot of comfort,” Ford said in the article.