O’Melveny’s Jacob Interviewed Regarding The Green Bag’s Supreme Court Bobbleheads

January 10, 2014 O’Melveny & Myers partner Gregory Jacob, who serves as an editor for Washington, DC-based law journal The Green Bag, received coverage for his involvement in the publication’s creation of bobblehead dolls representing past and present Supreme Court Justices.  “There are a lot of details built into each of these bobbleheads that embody the careers and history of each of the Justices,” Jacob said in a January 8, 2014, interview on ABC7’s News Channel 8, adding “we’re doing this because we think it’s a great, fun way to memorialize history.”  According to a January 31, 2014, Associated Press article, the dolls are not sold or shipped but are offered to a select group of Green Bag subscribers across the country who travel to pick up the figures at O’Melveny’s Washington, DC office.

O’Melveny’s Supreme Court and Appellate Practice is one of the nation's leading appellate groups, having collectively argued more than 50 cases in the US Supreme Court and written briefs in hundreds more.  Members of the practice include several veterans of the Office of the Solicitor General, other former DOJ lawyers, and numerous former Supreme Court and federal appellate clerks.

Jacob is a member of O’Melveny’s Financial Services and Labor and Employment Practices, and resides in the Firm’s Washington, DC office.  He has served in several high-profile positions in the federal government, including at the White House, Department of Justice, and Department of Labor.