O’Melveny’s Lash Takes a Closer Look at Sotomayor’s Pro Bono Solution in Law360

May 20, 2016

O’Melveny’s David Lash authored the Law360 opinion piece, “Sotomayor’s Solution To Pro Bono Is Incomplete,” published May 20, 2016. In the article, Lash writes that Justice Sotomayor’s call for mandatory pro bono service for all lawyers is “bold” but “incomplete.” According to Lash: “Without a robustly funded commitment to legal aid organizations around the country, the justice gap simply will not be closed. The efforts of the private bar to represent those most in need, without charge, are laudable, but pro bono efforts are built, of necessity, on the shoulders of legal aid providers. Without adequate resources, those shoulders can never be broad enough or strong enough to support the justice’s entreaty. Instead, the war on injustice must begin with the building of a foundation upon which pro bono volunteer efforts can flourish.”

Lash is the managing counsel for pro bono and public interest services at O’Melveny. He is a member of the Association of Pro Bono Counsel, where he previously served as a board member and co-president.