O’Melveny’s LEED Gold Certified San Francisco Office Featured in San Francisco Attorney Magazine

December 16, 2011

The Winter 2011 article “The Green Office 2.0,” in the San Francisco Attorney magazine, a publication of The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF), reports on several Bay Area law firms who are adopting the latest green technologies in their office spaces. Among the firms highlighted is O’Melveny & Myers LLP’s San Francisco office, which was awarded a LEED Gold certification after it underwent major renovations in 2008.


The article details that during reconstruction, “80 percent of the materials gutted from the space were diverted from landfills, the internal walls were replaced with glass to cut down on hallway lights, and the office furniture complied with Forest Stewardship Council standards renewable wood.” After the lawyers and staff moved into the newly renovated space, the green office committee, which continues to regularly meets, discussed further ideas and incentives for the office including automatically printing double-sided documents and using recycled utensils and paper goods in the cafeteria.


Managing partner of the San Francisco office and a member of the BASF board of directors Michael Tubach notes that “going green is not without cost.” He cites as an example, the Firm’s New York office “has pledged to buy 100 percent of its electricity from wind power generators. Despite the higher costs, if more companies do so, the demand for wind will go up, more production will be added, and the price will eventually go down.” Meantime, Tubach adds, “we are just willing to spend a little more.”