O'Melveny's Micah Smith Profiled in The Garden Island as Kaua’i Native Making his Mark Before the US Supreme Court

November 21, 2011

O'Melveny & Myers LLP Appellate associate Micah Smith is profiled in The Garden Island's November 15, 2011 article, "Kaua‘i grad takes case to U.S. Supreme Court."  Smith, who resides in the Firm's Washington, DC office, graduated from Kaua‘i High School in 1999.


The article notes that Smith is the principal author of the respondent’s merits brief for U.S. v. Antoine Jones that was recently presented at the Supreme Court.  The appeal asks whether the warrantless use of a GPS tracking device a vehicle to monitor its movements on public streets violates the Fourth Amendment. “The government argues that it shouldn’t have to get authorization from a neutral judge, a warrant, before it attaches a GPS device to a person’s private vehicle and records all of the person’s travels for 24 hours of every day for any amount of time,” Smith says in the article. “Our position is that the federal constitution requires the government to get a warrant before it uses a person’s private property to generate evidence for use against him at a criminal trial.”


In addition to the Jones case, Smith also discusses his formative years in Kaua‘i.  He was inspired to pursue a career in the law, he tells the paper, following a hurricane that made him more fully appreciate the role of the law in keeping communities intact and strong.  “Laws help us avoid crises, and help us respond to crises, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Smith shared.


Smith's first legal job was doing pro bono work with the Legal Aid Society of Hawai‘i during summer break from Harvard Law School. “They were terrific mentors and I learned a lot from them,” he says in the article.