O’Melveny’s Nicksin Quoted in Greenbiz on Airline Resistance to EU Carbon Trading

August 08, 2012

O’Melveny & Myers LLP Los Angeles counsel Bob Nicksin was quoted in the August 8, 2012, Greenbiz.com article “How airlines are fighting carbon trading.” The article reports that many US airlines are supporting the McCaskill-Thune bill, which would prohibit them from participating in the European Union’s emissions trading system. The airlines’ key objection to the EU system is the imposition of emission taxes on flights outside of European airspace, according to the article.


Nicksin, a member of the Firm’s Project Development and Real Estate Practice Group, told Greenbiz.com, “It behooves every airline and nation to figure out, if we are to be regulated under a carbon scheme, which approach is best for me? If the bill passes, there will be pressure on the President from environmental groups, but also from those who are concerned about the economy. This is one of the few bills that has bipartisan support, so it will be interesting to see whether opposition from environmentalists is enough to sway the President.”