O'Melveny's Nonaka Quoted in The Asian Lawyer on Litigation Arising from Fukushima

January 23, 2012 O'Melveny & Myers partner Scott Nonaka is quoted in The Asian Lawyer's January 23, 2012 article "Fukushima: The Legal Aftershocks," which reports on litigation arising from last year's catastrophe at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

"The resort to litigation as a means to resolve your disputes is not part of the culture here," said Nonaka, who is based in O'Melveny's Tokyo office and is a member of the Business Trial and Litigation Practice . There are signs, however, that attitudes to litigation are changing in Japan's business community, according to the article. Nonaka noted that he sees more willingness among Japanese in-house lawyers to pursue litigation. "I do think it will be interesting to see, at least among the businesses affected [by the Fukushima disaster], whether there is a push [toward recourse in the courts] if they don't feel the compensation is adequate," Nonaka said.