O’Melveny’s Reynolds, Orr Sought After as Thought Leaders on Driverless Vehicle Regulations

September 20, 2016

Law360 and Law.com interviewed O’Melveny lawyers Michael Reynolds and Jason Orr about regulations the Department of Transportation (DOT) released on September 20, 2016, relating to self-driving cars. 

The Law360 article, “Five Takeaways from the FOT’s New Self-Driving Policy,” quotes Orr on the extensive DOT document, saying, “[I]t seems they've gotten a lot of buy-in from experts and industry players. [T]he DOT is applauding efforts to self-regulate and indicate[s] that they want to encourage this and they want to be kept in the loop.” 

Law.com quoted Reynolds saying the guidelines are clearly intended to encourage innovation and development and are not conflicting with existing state regulatory actions.

Los Angeles-based counsel Reynolds regularly represents automotive and other companies in a variety of complex civil matters. Orr, an associate in the Los Angeles office, has a diverse practice that includes complex and class-action litigation on unfair competition, products liability, and employment matters, as well as environmental and natural resource matters.