O’Melveny’s Virjee Discusses Background Checks During the Hiring Process in Daily Journal Article

July 27, 2012

O’Melveny & Myers LLP Los Angeles partner Fram Virjee was quoted in the July 27, 2012, Daily Journal article “Background checks not always front-and-center in the hiring process,” commenting on why large, public companies often fail to conduct thorough background checks of senior management despite the fact that the process is becoming easier and cheaper to do. Virjee, a member of the Firm’s Labor and Employment Practice, pointed out that if an employee is accused of criminal actions, the individual is not the only victim -- the employer’s public reputation is also at stake. “If a CEO of [another] company is terminated for fraud or resigns because of a fraudulent resume, inevitably I get a couple of calls from clients who say, ‘We never checked on [our] person's resume,’” said Virjee.


Offering advice to employers, Virjee told the Daily Journal, “To combat resume fraud, simple reference checks and calls to a candidate's alma mater often prove valuable. Most law firms require recent law school graduates to produce transcripts before they're hired. But a decade or more later, when those same lawyers want to switch firms, those doing the hiring rarely ask them to prove anything about their education.”


“Someone comes to you saying they have a master's degree," Virjee added. "It's very rare [anyone] will ask about it. They just assume that it's true. Then you find out later that's not the case.”