O’Melveny’s Walter Dellinger Profiled by Law360’s Appellate A-List Series

July 30, 2014 O’Melveny partner Walter Dellinger’s road to being “a top gun in one of the most feared appellate practices in the nation” is featured in Law360’s July 29, 2014, “O'Melveny's Academic Ace: Walter Dellinger.” The article talks about Dellinger’s choice to join O’Melveny when he was 57 years old after a career as a constitutional scholar and law professor. Dellinger was drawn to O’Melveny’s “wide variety of appellate cases” after serving as acting solicitor general and head of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Clinton administration. "I actually think that doing some practice, and some law teaching, and some work in government is mutually reinforcing," Dellinger said in the article. "I learned a lot that informed my law teaching from being in private practice, and I think the academic background has helped me think through issues. It's like cross-training."