O’Melveny Lawyers Offer Guidance on Responding to Ransomware Attacks in Corporate Counsel Article

October 27, 2017

O’Melveny partner Kiran Raj and associate Mallory Jensen co-authored the article, “Ransomware: What to Do When it Happens to You,” published October 27, 2017, in Corporate Counsel. 

“In an ideal world, your company has all its critical information and data comprehensively and securely backed up, employing strong defenses against hacking, phishing, and other cyberattacks,” the authors write. “In the event that your company is nonetheless the victim of a ransomware attack, this document provides steps to be taken as part of its response to such an incident.”

Formerly the Department of Homeland Security’s highest-ranking attorney focused on cybersecurity and technology, Washington, DC-based Raj draws on his extensive government and corporate experience to counsel clients on their most critical cybersecurity and privacy issues. 

Jensen, who resides in the firm’s San Francisco office, is a highly strategic and skilled litigator specializing in complex civil disputes, regulatory matters, internal investigations, antitrust litigation, data security and privacy matters, and intellectual property disputes.