Paper Co-Authored By O'Melveny's Sallet Spotlighted by Media Outlets and Others

January 23, 2012

O'Melveny Public Policy and Political Strategy Practice Group co-leader Jonathan Sallet recently co-authored a paper that proposes several reforms for the US Department of Commerce that has been covered by media outlets and public policy groups, including the paper's sponsor, the Center for American Progress.

Building on President Obama’s recently announced proposed plan to reduce redundancies within the federal government and improve efficiencies, Sallet's paper proposes additional steps--most notably a reconstituted agency to replace the Commerce Department--to foster greater innovation and competitiveness in the US economy, and streamline government further. The paper, "Rewiring the Federal Government for Competitiveness: A New Cabinet Department for the 21st Century," was written by Sallet and Sean Pool, a Center for American Progress (CAP) Scholar and Assistant Editor of Science Progress, as part of a set of packaged policy proposals released on January 19, 2012, by CAP.

Specifically, Sallet’s proposal transfers significant functions out of the current Commerce Department to other parts of the executive branch and brings into the agency competitiveness-related functions from other Departments and renames the agency the Department of Competitiveness. The authors write: “For American companies and workers to compete globally, we must rewire our government infrastructure to more effectively focus on innovation and competitiveness.”