Relias Media: Hospitals Bracing For Litigation From Infected ED Providers

June 01, 2020

O’Melveny counsel Sloane Ackerman is quoted in this Relias Media article discussing why hospitals are preparing for litigation stemming from infected emergency department providers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As this article noted, hospitals may counter that the virus is not only in their emergency departments, it is everywhere in the community. “But this may not be an issue for many healthcare workers who are working directly with patients sick with the virus, because it may be clear that they contracted the virus at work,” said Ackerman. In addition, some states are making it easier for healthcare workers to apply for workers’ compensation by creating a presumption that the employee contracted the virus on the job, this article reported. “It remains to be seen whether these laws will be enforced,” noted Ackerman.

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