Reorg: DOJ Antitrust Division’s Revamp Likely to Streamline Investigations, Practitioners Say

August 24, 2020

O’Melveny partner Anna Pletcher is quoted in this article, which discussed the Department of Justice Antitrust Division’s decision to reorganize in an effort to conduct more efficient investigations.

One change will be a rearrangement of the division’s segments, with one unit focusing on antitrust cases in the financial services, fintech, and banking industries, and the other focusing on the media, entertainment, and telecommunications sectors, Reorg reported. In addition, a new office will be added to monitor compliance with consent decrees.

Pletcher, who previously served as assistant chief of the division’s San Francisco office, told the publication that there will likely be close interaction between the compliance office and the investigations teams, which could help offset any logistical challenges presented by the creation of the separate office. “It’s not out of the imagination to see an attorney from the new office being incorporated into an investigation team,” she said. “Also, at some point during the actual case investigation, the parties’ counsel would want to reach out to an attorney in the monitoring office.”

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Article reprint courtesy of www.reorg.com.