Reuters: S&P Deal for IHS Likely to Draw Antitrust Scrutiny from Biden Administration

November 30, 2020

O’Melveny partner Anna Pletcher commented on the antitrust implications of S&P Global Inc.’s plan to buy IHS Markit for a proposed US$44 billion. If approved, the deal would create “a stronger No. 3 in the financial information market” alongside industry leaders Bloomberg LP and Refinitiv, Reuters reported.

Reuters noted President-elect Joe Biden has signaled that antitrust enforcement will get tougher under his administration.

“Any enormous merger like this in this particular climate is going to get the attention of the enforcement agency, no matter what administration,” Pletcher said. However, given that other big companies provide data to investors, she added that she would be surprised if, once scrutinized, the deal was ultimately challenged.

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