Roll Call: TikTok ‘Not a Great Look’ for Lawmakers, Security Experts Say

September 30, 2020

O’Melveny counsel John Dermody is quoted in this article, which discussed the security risks associated with the Chinese-owned TikTok application and why US politicians with accounts could be targeted by spies.

Official warnings about the application and its privacy concerns have been issued in the last year, yet several government associates still have accounts, Roll Call reported. They include two former presidential candidates, members of Congress who oversee military, intelligence and digital security programs, and a former Green Beret with a top-secret security clearance who is a consultant to defense contractors.

“The app is collecting a lot of information about users’ interests, locations, habits and social networks,” said Dermody, a former adviser to the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security. “This can be very valuable if you are a foreign intelligence service trying to identify vulnerabilities in another government or trying to identify a particular individual.”

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