San Francisco Attorney Features O’Melveny’s Tubach in Cover Story

March 22, 2016

The Spring 2016 edition of San Francisco Attorney features O’Melveny partner Michael Tubach on its cover and includes an excerpt of his remarks from his installation as the 2016 president of The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF). In “Solving Two Crises at Once by Creating an Incubator for Legal Talent,” Tubach discusses his plan to tackle two major crises facing the city’s legal community: a high demand for legal services and an oversupply of attorneys.

“I propose that BASF create a platform to bring these clients and lawyers together - an incubator for legal talent,” he said. Tubach’s vision calls for providing recent law school graduates with skills training and office space to start their own practice in exchange for their commitment to serve underprivileged communities and offer deeply discounted rates to those clients who cannot afford to pay market rates. “These lawyers will earn a living, they will learn how to run their own business, and they will get experience serving real clients with real legal problems. The clients, for their part, will get access to eager new lawyers at a fraction of what it would cost them to hire a lawyer otherwise,” he explained.

Tubach also pledged to continue BASF’s work of promoting justice and diversity. “We will continue to champion programs like ‘civil Gideon’—the notion that when you are in court and fundamental decisions about your life are at stake—such as housing, the custody of your children, or sustenance—you should have a lawyer by your side to help you,” he said, adding, “We will stand up for religious freedom and for treating people with dignity and respect—not just when it's easy, but when no one else is standing up for them.”