SCOTUSblog Covers O’Melveny’s Advocacy in Supreme Court Pro Bono Murder Case

April 03, 2017

The March 29, 2017, article “Argument Analysis: Focusing on the Facts in 1984 DC Murder Case” published in SCOTUSblog details O’Melveny counsel Deanna Rice’s oral argument before the Supreme Court on behalf of Russell Overton, who was convicted of a murder that took place more than 30 years ago in Washington, DC.  

“[A]ll three lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court displayed such an impressive command of the facts of the case that it sometimes seemed as if the crime had occurred in October 2016, rather than 1984,” SCOTUSblog reported.

“Arguing on behalf of Russell Overton, O’Melveny counsel Deanna Rice focused on the prosecution’s failure to turn over key evidence about one witness, Carrie Eleby. That omission mattered, she stressed, because the jury had repeatedly deadlocked with regard to the charges against Overton, suggesting that additional evidence that undermined Eleby’s credibility might have made a difference in the jury’s decision,” the article said. “Rice explained that, although the government had given Eleby’s grand jury testimony to the defense attorneys, it did not provide them with information indicating that Eleby had encouraged another witness to lie.”

Rice is a member of O’Melveny’s Appellate Practice and is based in the firm’s Washington, DC office.