Scrivano Profiled on Brexit’s Potential Impact on M&A in MergerMarket

October 12, 2016

MergerMarket ran an in-depth Q&A with five leading dealmakers on the potential impact the Brexit referendum could have on global dealmaking. O'Melveny's Paul Scrivano said the effect on North American dealmaking has been relatively muted and equity markets have recovered strongly.

“I think there has been a tendency to overreact somewhat when it comes to evaluating the long-term effects of Brexit. Private company M&A in the UK is all governed by English law—EU rules never really had an effect on that,” Scrivano said. 

He addressed the prospects for private equity deals, saying, “The thing about private equity sponsors is that they’re often better positioned to capitalize on periods of market upheaval and geopolitical risk. They have shown an appetite to do deals that strategics may not be willing to do during periods of uncertainty. You have a very astute group of professionals in the private equity world.”