Siliconrepublic.com: ‘Smart’ Plank of Wood Among IoT Devices Showcased at CES 2019

January 11, 2019

Internet of things (IoT) devices—consumer products that provide additional features by linking to the Internet—were the focus of much of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Partner Steve Bunnell, Chair of O’Melveny’s Data Security & Privacy practice, discussed some of the challenges such devices could pose on the privacy front.

“The key question is whether internet-connected home products will spread consumers’ data into places they didn’t intend it to go. Manufacturers will have to determine if the new products they are bringing out cross the line between a valuable, new convenience and an unwanted intrusion,” he said.

“Courts will need to take a close look at whether manufacturers’ privacy and data practices are strong enough to protect their customers as technology wires their homes in unexpected new ways. IoT brings with it a whole new world of legal risk.”

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