SportBusiness: How Football Clubs Can Cash in on the Game’s Changing Investment Landscape

7월 08, 2019

‘The European Elite 2019’ report, published by KPMG in May, recorded a nine percent increase in the total organization value of 32 European football clubs in 2018, and a 35 percent growth in the last three years.

“An investment into a football club currently offers investors the potential for significant return on their initial investment, as the CAGR for sports team ownership is better than almost every other asset class over the last five, 10 and 20 years,” said Sports practice co-chair Charles (Chuck) Baker.

Baker added: “Given the current levels of growth in the sports market, an investment in a football club may be a smart portfolio choice. A lot of investors see this asset class as the new frontier for sports investment, especially when compared to the NFL and MLB, which are seen as more mature properties.”