SportsBusiness Daily: Sports Predictions 2038

April 30, 2018

SportsBusiness Daily asked a variety of prominent individuals in sports business, including O’Melveny sports industry group co-chair Irwin Raij, to predict what the field will look like in 2038.

“With the advancement of technology and legalization of gambling, will anyone go to an event again? The answer is a resounding yes, with arenas and stadiums serving not only as anchor tenants, but as sources for diverse programs beyond the Big 5. (Yes, Big 5. Soccer must be included.) Moreover, esports will no longer be novel, but a significant part of the ecosystem, said Raij. “Virtual reality, esports and gambling will lead to new building designs, priorities and unique fan experiences to drive fans to venues, while the opportunity to monetize fans not in the arena will increase and push media (including digital) revenue even higher. Though stadiums and arenas will continue to serve as anchor tenants for ancillary development, the stadiums and arenas themselves are integrated further and support additional functions such as gaming.”

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