The Boston Globe: As Companies Reopen, Technology Will Stand Guard Against COVID-19

May 26, 2020

O’Melveny counsel Sloane Ackerman is quoted in this The Boston Globe article exploring the ways technology will help employees returning work amid the coronavirus pandemic. Smartphone apps that administer health checks before workers even leave the house to cameras and Bluetooth radio beacons that track people’s movements throughout the workday, companies are deploying monitoring technologies that could slow the further spread of the coronavirus, The Boston Globe reported. Ackerman noted that a recent ruling by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives employers considerable latitude in tracking workers. “Because of the way the virus spreads, employers are allowed to measure employee temperatures,” Ackerman said. Doing so through smartphone apps, questionnaires, and remote cameras, rather than through personal contact, can reduce the risk of spreading an infection, she added.

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