The Deal: Lazarow Ushers Longtime Client Microsemi Through Sale

March 02, 2018

O’Melveny partner Warren Lazarow is the subject of a March 2, 2018, profile in The Deal. The exclusive story, “Lazarow Sells Longtime Client Microsemi,” details Lazarow’s work over the last ten years advising the chipmaker through a series of deals, culminating on March 1 with its widely reported US$10 billion sale to Microchip Technology.

As The Deal noted, Lazarow met Microsemi CEO James Peterson at a retreat for corporate leaders. They remained in touch and several years later, Peterson tapped Lazarow to become outside counsel.

“It’s been a little bittersweet the last couple of days,” Lazarow told The Deal. “I started with them when they had about a $400 million market capitalization. Jim built a $10 billion company in a decade.”

Numerous other outlets covered O’Melveny’s role in the deal, including The Wall Street Journal and Law360.

Lazarow led the team, along with partner Mark Easton, counsel Angola Russell, and associates Adam Ackerman and Lauren Jaeger. Partner Jeff Walbridge, senior counsel Warren Fox, and associate Rebecca Cottrell advised on employee benefits matters, partner Bob Fisher advised on tax matters, and partner Courtney Dyer is advising on HSR matters.

Firmwide co-chair of O’Melveny’s Corporate Department, Lazarow is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the market’s leading advisors to technology-focused companies and investors.