The Leadership Role of O'Melveny's Sinha in Pro Bono Legal Service Efforts in India Spotlighted by Bar & Bench News Network

March 08, 2012 In a March 8, 2012 article, "Society of Women Lawyers Partners with i-Probono," Bar & Bench News Network reported that O'Melveny Corporate Finance/Capital Markets counsel Pooja Sinha helps lead a major effort to encourage pro bono service among lawyers in India. "With a vision to develop and promote pro bono culture among Indian law firms and lawyers, the Society of Women Lawyers, India (SOWL) has entered into a partnership with international non-profit organization, i-Probono," the publication reported. " i-Probono matches civil society organizations that require legal support with volunteer lawyers who can offer that assistance."

Sinha, who resides in O'Melveny's Singapore office, explained the activities in an interview with the publication. “We had been exploring opportunities to get SOWL members involved in this initiative," she told Bar and Bench. "While exploring these opportunities, we got in touch with i-Probono and realized that there is a bit of overlap in what SOWL and i-Probono are doing. i-Probono is working with the same objective of encouraging Indian law firms and Indian lawyers to take up pro bono projects.” She added, “We met more than a year back and slowly developed a framework as to how both the organizations can work together since i-Probono already had a mechanism in place and now we have formally launched our partnership."