The Morning Call: Your View: Why We Are Suing Pennsylvania Over School Funding

October 25, 2021

Six school districts, two statewide organizations, and several parents are suing the state of Pennsylvania over the public school funding system’s constitutional standards. The trial is set to start in November and will shed a light on the disparities of equal opportunities among varying school districts in the state. According to a benchmark written in state law, 86% of commonwealth students attend schools that are ill-equipped to provide 21st century educations. The publication reported that the state only contributes to 38% of K-12 education costs which in turn deems the availability of essential educational services dependent upon a district’s local wealth – putting low-income districts at an extreme disadvantage. “More investment in schools spurs student achievement, which spurs state economic growth.” the publication write. “Simply put, money matters in education. With this lawsuit, we now have an opportunity to positively impact generations of students in Pennsylvania.” O’Melveny represents petitioners in the lawsuit.

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