The National Law Journal: 2019 Technology Law Trailblazers

June 10, 2019

The National Law Journal recognized partner Melody Drummond Hansen as a “2019 Technology Law Trailblazer” for her work in patent litigation and in establishing O’Melveny’s Automated and Connected Vehicles industry group.

“I was interested in how these emerging technologies would be enabled and encouraged by laws, or not,” said Drummond Hansen. “I also feel that I’m a facilitator who could bring together resources from around the firm such as privacy, security, and IP.”

Drummond Hansen foresees four important trends ahead: the continued convergence of technology and industries, which will lead to enforcement concerns; data security and privacy; education, advertising and the consumer piece; and international competition, particularly with China. 

“We are in a technology race, and it’s a race we would like to win,” she said.

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