MSNBC “The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg” (Podcast): Lisa Monaco: Dr. Doom

5월 15, 2019

On The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg, Lisa Monaco discusses her duties and responsibilities throughout her career in the Capital. Following her work for Attorney General Janet Reno, Monaco served as Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in Washington, DC. In this role, the jurisdiction changes on a rotational basis between Superior Court, District Court, and the Federal Court. Monaco was asked by partner Steve Bunnell and of counsel Mary Patrice Brown, both veterans of the DC US attorney’s office and now her colleagues at O’Melveny, whether she would “come over to the federal side of the House.” She agreed and went on to work with both Bunnell and Brown on a series of public corruption and fraud cases.

After serving in her AUSA role, Monaco was appointed as the FBI Chief of Staff under Director Robert Mueller, and as the head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. Her final role in public service was as Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism under President Barack Obama. In this role, Monaco was the “one person in the White House reporting to the president and directly accountable to the president, focusing on threats to the homeland.” Beginning in the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack on US soil, the role has since encompassed other domestic emergencies including pandemics, school shootings, natural disasters, and cyber attacks.

President Obama’s nickname for Monaco was Dr. Doom. “That’s what he called me because every time he saw me, every morning, I participated in what’s called the President’s Daily Brief,” she said. “When it came to be my turn to brief him every morning, I inevitably was bringing him bad news.”

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