ThinkAdvisor: Kamala Harris’ Former Policy Chief Gives Peek Into New White House Priorities

November 19, 2020

O’Melveny State Attorneys General Litigation and Investigations Group co-chair Daniel Suvor spoke with ThinkAdvisor and provided insight on the top priorities for the incoming Biden-Harris administration.

Regulatory enforcement “is going to significantly increase,” said Suvor, who has remained active in politics after serving as Harris’ Chief of Policy during her time as California State Attorney General. “I don’t think that’s going out on a limb.”

Foremost on the agenda “seems to be the urgent response to COVID — to the growing public health crisis,” Suvor said. “I think that for Biden, the pandemic laid bare some truths about income inequality and the need to protect working families.”

Suvor also foresees efforts to expand the Affordable Care Act with the addition of new options for individuals who want to acquire insurance, the publication reported. “The idea is once we succeed in beating the pandemic, we ensure that millions of Americans who suffer long-term side effects don’t face higher premiums or higher health insurance costs based on preexisting conditions,” Suvor said.

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