Mergermarket: Unicorn Companies: The State of Play in 2019

二月 21, 2019

Partner Eric Sibbitt and three other industry leaders weigh in on unicorn companies and their likely moves in 2019 in this special report by Mergermarket.

(Mergermarket): “After years of speculation about going public, several of the biggest unicorn companies are planning IPOs for 2019. Do you think this could cause a new wave of large companies going public as opposed to seeking other forms of exit?”

(Sibbitt): “I’d say it ultimately depends on the success of these larger IPOs. If one goes out and then it starts trading down, that can have a negative effect on all the others. On the other hand, if the management at companies see that the market is trading up and there's momentum there, then an IPO may be a more attractive vehicle relative to M&A or other types of exits. There's also the bankers’ side of the equation, which is investor demand. Obviously, investors always like things that they expect will go up in value.”

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