University of Southern California News: USC Bovard Scholar Shares Her Success—‘If I Can Do It … You Can Do It’

August 23, 2019

O’Melveny Warren Christopher Scholar Belinda Davenport was recently featured in a profile on the University of Southern California’s website. During Davenport’s sophomore year of high school, she was awarded a Warren Christopher Scholarship.

“Twenty thousand dollars! I’ve never seen that kind of money,” said Davenport. “I couldn’t believe it. It felt like it was a dream.”

The following year, Davenport applied for the USC Bovard Scholars program at the encouragement of her teachers. Davenport and 118 other applicants from across the country were accepted.

“Davenport is grateful for the myriad ways the program prepares her for higher education from navigating the complex admissions and financial aid process to determining which college is the best fit, but she is most thankful for the much needed boost of confidence,” the author wrote. “With tears welling in her eyes, Davenport said this program has made her feel something for the first time in her life: a sense of worth.”

O’Melveny’s Warren Christopher Scholarship Committee, along with retired partner Gil Ray, connected Davenport with the USC Bovard Scholars program.

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