Vault: Perspective from Law Firm Leaders: One Firm’s Response to COVID Offers Lessons for the Industry

September 29, 2020

In a Q&A for Vault, O’Melveny leaders reflected on the transition to remote work and the ways firm employees, clients, and communities have adapted to the new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“People show their true character in a crisis—and so do law firms. As the US enters the seventh month of the coronavirus pandemic, law students, associates, and clients have looked to law firms for leadership, in the workplace and in society at large,” the piece notes. “The unprecedented disruptions sweeping our country have forced us all to navigate a range of personal and professional challenges, and for those directly affected by COVID-19, to experience incomprehensible loss. But trying circumstances also offer opportunities: for collaboration, innovation, altruism, and resilience.”

With insights from the firm's Chief Operating Officer and marketing, recruiting, diversity, and social responsibility leaders, the Q&A details how the firm has leaned into these opportunities, from leveraging its business continuity plans, helping clients manage the immediate and long-term ramifications of the pandemic, and responding to increased community needs to maintaining a sense of connection and providing a compassionate environment for its lawyers and staff.

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