Water Online: California Approves Funds for Water Projects, Large and Small

八月 07, 2018

In this bylined article by partner Liz Dubeck, she discusses recent water projects in California that have been approved for funding under Proposition 68 and Proposition 1. 

Proposition 68 was approved in June, which green-lighted a $4.1 billion parks and water bond that will provide $1.3 billion for water-related projects in California. Subsequently, in July, the California Water Commission committed to using $2.6 billion, authorized by Proposition 1, for eight new water storage projects.

“The steps taken in California over the past few months demonstrate the state’s commitment to addressing its water needs using a holistic approach, investing in large-scale water storage and transport projects while still continuing to pursue more incremental water-saving solutions, such as water recycling and groundwater management,” Dubeck writes.  

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