WCBS News Radio (880 AM): Lawsuit Asks New York To Add Gender Maker ‘X’ To Driver’s Licenses

July 28, 2020

This radio segment and online story concern a pro bono lawsuit O’Melveny and Lambda Legal filed on behalf of a 25-year-old who is challenging New York State policy limiting gender identity on licenses to male or female. The state already permits parents and individuals to select “X” as a gender on birth certificates, but the change has yet to appear on official driver’s licenses in the state. … “Just think about all the things you use your driver’s license for in your everyday life. You rent a car. You pass the security checkpoint at an airport. You buy a bottle of wine. You verify your identity at the bank,” says Hannah Chanoine, an attorney representing plaintiff Sander Saba. Chanoine says that in some cases, if the gender on the license isn't how you identify, it can lead to problems for that person.

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