Wall Street Journal: The Next Big Swim After the English Channel

October 17, 2018

“I think it’s always important, both physically and mentally, to have a challenge planned,” says O’Melveny partner Randy Edwards of his 16-hour swim across the English Channel, a feat the Wall Street Journal recently featured in its “What’s Your Workout?” Column. “Once I committed, there was no turning back.”

As detailed in the article, his love of a good challenge led the San Francisco-based Edwards to sign up to swim the 2-mile crossing to Alcatraz Island in 2009 despite having no prior experience with open-water swimming. He was soon hooked. “I loved the freedom of not having to stay in a lane,” he tells WSJ. “It’s like the difference between trail running and running on a treadmill.”

With the crossing to Alcatraz well under his belt, Edwards set his sights on the English Channel, rising at dawn five days a week to train for anywhere from one to six hours. His final preparation involved crossing the 11-mile width of Lake Tahoe.

“Crewed by his wife and three teenage children, he completed the legendary crossing this July after battling jellyfish and strong currents for 16 hours and 45 minutes. The crossing is approximately 21 miles, but Mr. Edwards notes that due to the crosscurrent he ended up swimming 23 miles,” writes WSJ.

The indomitable Edwards plans to take on the 20-mile Catalina Channel next. “It’s comparable in length, but I thought it would be nice to swim in a bit warmer water,” he says.

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