Law.com: You Don’t Need a Crime-Solving Dog to Figure Out This Movie Isn’t Like Disney’s Zootopia

August 21, 2019

A litigator must be proficient in a number of obscure topics. For Dan Petrocelli, that includes the Disney film “Zootopia.”

O’Melveny partner Dan Petrocelli and his colleagues Craig Bloom, Drew Breuder and Anton Metlitsky secured the swift dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled writer asserting Disney’s film “Zootopia” stole his idea for the movie.

In dismissing the lawsuit, US District Judge Andrew Guilford observed, “[T]he overarching storylines involved in 00K9 and Zootopia are very different. Sure, both plots rely entirely on crime-fighting anthropomorphic animals to portray the underlying stories. But the concept of anthropomorphic animals—even anthropomorphic animals who fight crime—is a high-level, basic plot idea not subject to copyright protection.”

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