The Recorder: Your Clients Need Attention. But So Do the Kids

April 02, 2020

O’Melveny partners Silvia Vannini and Amy Siegel discussed how they balance parenting and working from home in this article in The Recorder.

“Generally, we have a bulletproof routine that I was really proud of, but this situation has definitely changed everything, although all the demands of work are basically the same,” Vannini said in the article. “I’ve coordinated business calls with my husband more than I’ve ever had to,” she said. “During the day, I can do calls and virtual lunches, but anything that requires true brainpower—drafting, careful reading, reviewing—gets done when the kids are asleep.”

Amy Siegel, managing partner of the firm’s Century City office, “also has two younger kids at home—an 8-year-old and a 5-year-old—which has changed what she prioritizes and when,” the article noted. “Scheduling calls is almost the easier part because you have a set time and you work with your partner to try to have as little overlap as possible,” Siegel told the publication.

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