O’Melveny Participates in Fintech Workshop Featuring Early Stage Startups

November 20, 2017  

O’Melveny sponsored and participated in the second Fintech Workshop held in Bonny Doon, CA, on November 14, 2017.  The workshop featured an investor panel on fintech trends and presentations by ten promising early stage startups. Attendees included specialized VCs, angels, strategics, and thought leaders in the fintech space.

Eric Sibbitt, Chair of O’Melveny’s Financial Technology Group, was a panelist on the fintech investor panel.  The presenting startups were:

300cubits is a blockchain initiative seeking to relieve the pain points of the container shipping industry through creation of a de facto shipping crypto currency called TEU, and migration of industry process onto Ethereum.

Abe AI has created an enterprise AI platform for banks by using bank data to create intelligent and proactive conversational experiences across channels for routine banking tasks.

Align17 offers high and ultra-high net worth individual investors a unique ability to invest in the $5 trillion opportunity represented by the Sustainable Development Goals and a way to scale their positive impact in the world.

EverMarkets intends to become the world's first platform to trade stock, bond, and commodity futures on the blockchain by utilizing smart contracts and the distributed ledger to reinvent the roles of the broker, exchange, and clearinghouse.

EverSafe is a technology service focused on protecting the financial health of seniors and their families by using machine learning to monitor bank and investment accounts, credit cards, credit reports, and other data sources daily for suspicious activity suggestive of fraud, identity theft, and age-related issues. 

The Glint app allows users to save, exchange, send, and spend in both local and foreign currencies, including, for the first time, gold.

Intensity Analytics
Intensity Analytics is a Virginia-based software firm that develops next-generation, physical user and entity behavioral authentication ("physical UEBA") security software technology.

Objectiv is a platform that optimizes the investment goals of individuals by presenting quantitative finance techniques in an easy customer experience.

Sixup is an education finance marketplace for high-achieving, low-income students who get into, but can't afford, selective 4-year colleges.

Tomorrow is an inheritance app that creates a will and trust for free, then recommends  an amount of life insurance to protect your family.

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