Meeker Named one of Business Insider’s “10 People Transforming Tech”

April 16, 2019


SILICON VALLEY—April 16—Business Insider has named O’Melveny partner Heather Meeker to its list of the 10 enterprise technology executives transforming the technology industry.

The list, part of the site’s special feature “100 People Transforming Business,” also features top business executives from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Stripe.

“These executives are changing the way that companies work with their customers, the way that programmers work together, and the way that money moves all over the world,” Business Insider noted.

Notably, Meeker was recognized for her leadership as an advisor on business as well as legal strategy. Business Insider cited Meeker’s work in open source software licensing, helping “software startups come up with new ways to compete against the major players,” such as assisting MongoDB release its popular database software under a new license designed to limit the ability of major cloud providers to use its open source code.

While now is a time of change for open source, Meeker told Business Insider, one thing is clear.

“There's no doubt that you can make lots of money as an open source business,” Meeker said. “From a business point of view, the business world has given open source its seal of approval.”

Meeker has achieved national and international recognition for her leadership in the field of intellectual property law. She handles technology transactions and intellectual property-related aspects of mergers and acquisitions for companies in all technology sectors and for non-technology companies doing technology deals, with an emphasis on IT and software. Meeker is also a founding portfolio partner at OSS Capital, a venture fund specializing in early stage commercial open source developers.

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